What is it?

ImgurPlugin is an Internet Explorer extension that makes it easy to upload images to Imgur while browsing the internet.

You can simply right-click an image and choose “Upload image to Imgur.”

It should work with all recent versions of Windows and Internet Explorer, and both 32 and 64 bit versions. I use it all the time and it works fine on my machines but there is no guarantee it will work on yours. Use at your own risk. If you encounter a problem, feel free to tell me about it!


My name is Nils Gösche. I made this for my own use and thought that others might enjoy it, too. I live in Berlin, Germany.


Just download and run the installer: ImgurPlugin.msi

You can remove it as usual via Start->Control Panel->Uninstall a program.

Deutsche Benutzer beachten bitte das Impressum und die rechtlichen Hinweise!